Estreno Contemporary Spanish Plays is a non-profit literary press that publishes stage-worthy English translations of the best and most current plays from Spain.  Since its inception in 1992, this annual series has been dedicated to connecting English-speaking readers, theater goers, stage directors, actors, scholars, and students with acclaimed, contemporary Spanish playwrights and their works.

Estreno Contemporary Spanish Plays is committed to cultivating an appreciation for the diversity and richness of today’s Spanish theater.  The translation series serves to overcome language barriers in order to bridge artistic and literary communities across national, cultural, and linguistic borders.


No. 41
Laura Galletero – Women Staging Women: The Glass Ceiling
Yolanda Dorado – Amma’s Hug

No. 40
Javier de Dios – Love on the Rocks: Prague
Yolanda García Serrano – Iceberg

No. 39
Juan Carlos Rubio – Stages of Desire: Scarred by the Wind
Alberto Conejero – Dark Stone

No. 38
Juana Escabias – Shades of Violence: The Hooker of a Thousand Nights
Diana de Paco – See you in Heaven… or, Maybe Not

No. 37
Juan Mayorga – Darwin’s Tortoise;
Guillermo Heras – Tsunami – Paradise Lost

No. 36
Paloma Pedrero –  In the Other Room

No. 35
Sergi Belbel –  Offside

No. 34
Laila Ripoll – Escaping Labyrinths

No. 33
Charo González Casas – Patenting Destiny: A Tale of Two Shoes

No. 32
Juan Pablo Heras – Marilyn’s Mustache

No. 31
Guillem Clua – Skin in Flames

No. 30
Diosdado/Pedrero/Dorado – Staging Terror: Madrid 3/11

No. 29
Itziar Pascual – Gone Astray: Three Plays

No. 28
Concha Romero – A Saintly Scent of Amber

No. 27
Ignacio del Moral – Dark Man’s Gaze & Other Plays

No. 26
Cristina Fernández Cubas – Blood Sisters

No. 25
Sergi Belbel – Blood

No. 24
José Sanchis Sinisterra – The Siege of Leningrad

No. 23
Beth Escudé i Gallès – Killing Time & Keeping in Touch

No. 22
Eduardo Galán and Javier Garcimartín – Inn Discretions

    No. 21
    Juan Mayorga – Love Letters to Stalin

    No. 20
    José María Rodríguez Méndez – Autumn Flower

    No. 19
    Paloma Pedrero – First Star & The Railing

    No. 18
    Sebastián Junyent – Packing up the Past

    No. 17
    Josep M. Benet i Jornet – Legacy

    No. 16
    Luis Araújo – Vanzetti

    No. 15
    Fernando Arrabal – The Bodybuilder’s Book of Love

    No. 14
    Antonio Buero-Vallejo – The Sleep of Reason

    No. 13
    Fermín Cabal – Passage / Get Thee Behind Me!

    No. 12
    José Luis Alonso de Santos – Hostages in the Barrio

    No. 11
    Pilar Enciso and Laura Olmo – Three Lion Plays for Children

    No. 10
    Alfonso Sastre – The Abandoned Doll and Young Billy Tell

    No. 9
    Alfonso Vallejo – Train to Kiu

    No. 8
    Manuel Martínez Mediero – A Love Too Beautiful

    No. 7
    Ana Diosdado – Yours for the Asking

    No. 6
    Paloma Pedrero – Parting Gestures

    No. 5
    Antonio Buero-Vallejo – The Music Window

    No. 4
    Antonio Gala – The Bells of Orleans

    No. 3
    Ramón del Valle Inclán – Savage Acts:  Four Plays

    No. 2
    José López Rubio – In August We Play the Pyrenees

    No. 1
    Jaime Salom – Bonfire at Dawn