MOL Newsletter, Blog and Literary Journal

The Department of Modern Languages is pleased to announce the MOL Online Newsletter/Blog/Literary Journal for Pace students, faculty, staff, and alumni to participate in, read and enjoy:

The Newsletter will update MOL Department:

  • MOL Events, Awards, and Honor Societies.
  • Resources: Advisement, Internships, Scholarships, Jobs, etc.
  • Study abroad opportunities.

The Blog will be open to Pace students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Please send submissions in English related to the following sections:

  • Languages/in New York: Reviews of film/theater festivals, art exhibits, lectures, concerts, or restaurants related to foreign languages and cultures.
  • Study Abroad: Students Culture- experiences.
  • Faculty, Student and Alumni Corners: Spotlight for Publications, Lectures, Special Recognitions and Grants.
  • Photos will also be accepted with the submissions in .jpg format.
  • All submissions will be moderated by faculty before publication.
  • Please send them to molblog@pace.edu

The Online Literary Journal: VOICES 

  • MOL will call for submissions in Spring each year.
  • Issue will be published in the Fall of each year.
  • Submissions will be selected based on an established criterion based on topic and literary value.
  • Each submission should be in the original language: Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and Arabic with an abstract in English.
  • Genres: Original Poetry, short stories, essays/reviews on books or films creative non-fiction, memoir, interviews, theater/plays, translations, and media: short films.





Iride Lamartina-Lens
Distinguished Professor
Raquel Virginia Cabrera
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Faculty Editorial Advisors

Andrea Babsky
Susan Berardini
Department Chairperson
Andriy Danylenko
Dyson Liaison for International
Travel & Studies
Andrés Villagrá


Ying Wang
Associate Professor

Adjunct Faculty


Paula Bloom
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish

Wilson Décembre
Adjunct Professor of French

Jenifer Federico
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Spanish and Italian

    Antonia Garcia-Rodriguez  (Former Chair, retiree  Professor of Spanish) 

Mariana Graciano
Adjunct Professor of Spanish

Atsuko Matsuyama
Adjunct Professor of Japanesse

Marie Mirhom
Adjunct Professor of Arabic and French

Lan Yang
Adjunct Instructor of Chinese