Professor of Modern Languages and Cultures Andriy Danylenko, PhD, and Clinical Associate Professor of Economics Mark Weinstock, CBE, were interviewed on News12 Westchester, discussing the implications of the Russia-Ukraine Crisis.

Danylenko, a native of Ukraine, said he’s been in constant contact with a family member who is in the heart of the attacks and who is concerned about protecting the women and children in his family.

“There are people who do not know what is going on,” Danylenko said in the interview. “They have this information of where to go, where to hide, and they’re coping somehow with this information. But everyone is still shocked.”

Also for News12 Westchester, Weinstock spoke on the economic ramifications of the sanctions on exports, banks, and high-powered billionaires the U.S. is imposing on Russia as a result of the attacks. President Biden, however, has not banned Russia from the SWIFT financial system, which Weinstock said would be the most punishing move.

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